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Learning Resources for Westmill Windfarm and Solar Park

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Please print copies for your group to bring to the site for a visit Our Learning Resources have been designed to suit a variety of ages from age 6 to adult and we have suggested relevant stages. However, your choice will depend on your studentsí interests, capabilities and priorities. We have also indicated whether the material gives information, involves student activity and if there is a recording sheet included. In the final column, we show how the resource may be used. Some are suited to working off-site, (at home or in the classroom), most are useful on-site: some with a guide, some can be teacher-led but with a guide present. Several groups have found it useful to have half their class with the guide and half on a teacher-led activity and then swapping. The Red 1 indicates that this is useful to have prints on-site for your students if you are choosing that activity. Clip-boards are very helpful. To download a resource, click on the number in the left column.

On-site equipment

We provide equipment, including:

  • compasses, anemometers, decibel meters and photographs for windfarm guided visits
  • solar panel with voltmeter, solar power meter and a solar powered train-set

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    Learning Resources - Solar Park
    Resource Number Learning Resource/Activity Suitable for
    Key Stage/
    Information Activity Record Sheet Recommended Use:
    Guide, Off-site, Follow Up
    On-site teacher led
    All users
      Facts about Solar Park  
    60. Solar Farm Facts and Figures 3,4, T, Adult 1 Guide, Follow Up
    64. Solar Park Energy Production 3,4,T, All 1 Guide, Follow Up
    69. Environmental Effects of Solar Farm 1,2 1 1 Guide, Follow Up
      Importance of the sun  
    61. Sun web of life exercise 2,3,4 1 1 Off-site
    62. Sun web of life wksht for printing 2,3,4 1 1 Off-site
    63. Sun web of life completed & a question 2,3,4 1 1 Off-site
      Collecting energy from the sun  
    65. Collecting energy from the sun - thermal collectors 1,2 1 Off-Site
    66. Collecting energy from the sun - thermal insulators 1,2 1 Off-Site
    67. Collecting energy from the sun - thermal conductors 1,2 1 Off-Site
    68. Record table for solar panel meter readings 3,4,T, All 1 1 1 Guide