Energy Local


WeSET is pleased to have already supported several local, carbon-cutting initiatives:

  • WeSET is proud to have funded extra roof insulation in Watchfield Village Hall. This has not only saved energy and lowered the heating bills for the community, but the hall is warmer and more comfortable.
  • In 2010, we held a couple of 'Sustainable Surgeries', giving independent advice to home-owners on ways to reduce their energy use through altering behaviour, using devices that consume less electricity, insulating homes and installing solar water heaters, solar photovoltaic panels, wood-burners, ground- or air-source heat pumps.
  • For the local community, we supported the promotion of the Share Offer for Westmill Solar Cooperative by holding a capacity-audience meeting in Watchfield Village Hall in November 2011.
  • At WeSET's Open Day in 2012, we hosted the launch of Westmill Solar Cooperative.

  • our current action

    WeSET and Green Energy in Watchfield

    Watchfield Village Hall committee invited WeSET to give advice on how to incorporate green technology into their planned extension. Once involved, WeSET are assisting in the development of a wider green energy project for Watchfield to incorporate the primary school and sports pavilion as well as the village hall. The three buildings are owned by OCC, Watchfield Parish Council and the Village Hall Committee (a registered charity), respectively. The idea is to generate electricity via PV panels fixed to south facing roofs on suitable publicly-owned buildings and promote renewable energy equipment in each establishment in order to obtain some financial benefit to the organisations in question and to the village in general.

    A separate organisation is being formed and will have strong links with Oxford’s Low Carbon Hub

    WeSET and Shrivenham

    The Memorial Hall in Shrivenham is about to undergo major roof refurbishment and WeSET is assisting financially and with advice.

    WeSET and Radcot Hydro

    Together with the Low Carbon Hub, WeSET are supporting Sustainable Faringdon in assessing the feasibility of constructing a micro-hydro plant to generate carbon-free electricity on the Thames at Radcot Weir.

    registered charity no. 1158820

    Wind farm location: Westmill Wind Farm, Watchfield, Swindon, SN6 8TH - beside A420 and off B4508