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Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust (WeSET) was established in 2009 following the construction of the wind turbines at Westmill Farm, in February 2008 by the Westmill Windfarm Co-operative. WeSET is fortunate to be closely connected with great talent, enthusiasm and foresight at a unique site generating clean, green energy from both sun and wind.

The Objects of WeSET are:

  • Promoting the deployment of sustainable energy
  • Promoting education about sustainable energy
  • Promoting energy efficiency
  • Providing grants to others to achieve these aims
  • The Trust promotes education, inspiration and action through a range of activities including site-visits and Art projects. The Trustees and volunteers are knowledgeable and enthusiastic with a strong emphasis on practical advice. We also provide:

  • Technical experts to encourage the deployment of alternative energy and sustainable lifestyles
  • Practical advice on carbon-cutting measures and installation of carbon-free energy sources
  • Limited financial support to local communities to install energy-saving measures.
  • Links to other like-minded organisations to widen the scope of support
  • Most of the Trust's activities are intended to support local communities and individuals within a 25 mile radius of the wind farm. However, visitors to the Wind and Solar Farms have come from all over the UK and Europe, as well as Australia, USA and Azerbaijan.

    The funding for WeSET comes from an annual grant of 6,500 from the Westmill Windfarm Co-op's 2,500 shareholders. Donations and bursaries from organisations and individuals, including Westmill Co-op shareholders boosted this to almost 10,000 in 2012. These are gratefully received enabling WeSET to fund Visits, Open Days, Arts activities, the rich Education resource and a wide variety of practical support for Sustainable Energy Projects.

    Westmill Solar Park was constructed in July 2011 next to the Wind Farm. The Westmill Solar Co-operative was successfully launched in June 2012 at the WeSET Energy Fair. Westmill Solar was the first community owned solar farm in the UK and is believed to be the 'largest community owned solar project in the world.' The Cooperatives are owned by 2,500 and 1,650 members respectively, each investing between 250 and 20,000

    The 6.5MW Wind Farm and 5MW Solar Farm is a unique resource producing sufficient clean green energy to power 4,000 houses. WeSET is proud to be associated with the Westmill projects which we believe to be a Beacon of what is possible when people come together to help improve the world we live in.

    registered charity no. 1158820

    Wind farm location: Westmill Wind Farm, Watchfield, Swindon, SN6 8TH - beside A420 and off B4508